Jill Gordon, LCSW-C

Jill Gordon


Jill has a genuine, compassionate nature that she brings to each session as she enjoys taking the time to get to know each of her clients for who they are. Jill believes her clients know themselves best and has many strengths within them. By working together, Jill can help each of her client actualize their specific wants and needs. Jill believes every client has the potential to experience greater self-awareness, emotional healing, lasting growth, and personal achievement. She believes at different times in ones life, seeking help from a professional can be quite empowering and can help strengthen the very core of who each person is. Jill builds upon that belief by creating a comfortable place to explore thoughts, patterns and behaviors to help clients work towards reaching their goals.

Jill works to help her clients understand the way they think and feel so that they can have healthier, more meaningful relationships with themselves and others. Together with her clients, Jill helps each person to make sense of the issues they may be struggling with, and further explore ways to enhance their coping to feel less overwhelmed.

Jill uses a psychodynamic approach to therapy, which means that the patterns, thoughts and feelings clients have become more aware and then incorporated in a way that works more effectively throughout each clients life. The psychodynamic theory also emphasizes the connection with the therapist and how relating patterns transpire in this and your other relationships.

Jill enjoys working with adults who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, self esteem concerns, grief and loss, and anyone seeking greater satisfaction in their personal relationships.

If you are seeking therapy you have likely tried in all the ways you know how to improve your life and emotional well-being. You may feel overwhelmed, anxious, sad or even depressed. You could feel ambivalent about starting therapy and what that could mean for you. Jill works together with her clients to understand how you may have gotten to this place in life and furthermore help pave the way to feeling better.

Jill earned her Masters degree in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago and Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Elon University. Jill also completed the two year training at the Washington School of Psychiatry in the Clinical Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program. Throughout her graduate and working career, Jill worked with many adults who struggled with work and life. She has also worked extensively in the Employee Assistance arena assessing clients with diverse backgrounds and various situations. Jill is licensed to work with clients in both Maryland and Virginia. For more information about an appointment with Jill, call 240-274-5680 or email Admin@HealingLLC.com.