Jessie Nolasco-Sandino, LMSW

Jessie Nolasco-Sandino


Jessie likes to build genuine rapport with clients and understands the therapeutic relationship is key to growth and change. She emphasizes the client is the expert of themselves and by using inner and outer strengths, they can gain insight into their pain and flourish to higher pursuits. By working collaboratively, Jessie can help and support each client and their individual needs. She believes everyone along the lifespan can use emotional support and unconditional positive regard to heal and process unresolved past and current life struggles. Jessie builds upon this belief by creating a safe space to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors to help clients work toward reaching their life goals. She has a friendly, curious personality she brings to the sessions with clients.

Jessie uses Cognitive-Behavioral approach to therapy, which means clients explore their irrational fears and negative thinking processes and how that impacts feelings and behavioral patterns. It also emphasizes the connection between internal feelings, thoughts and behaviors that affect external life events such as interpersonal relationships and life stresses. She has helped clients heal, grow and gain mastery of effective coping skills. Jessie is committed to utilizing effective therapeutic techniques and tools such as CBT, Trauma Informed Care and self compassion, to best assist clients in their lifelong journeys to a path of healthy living and recovery. Jessie also enjoys working with children, youth, adolescents, adults and families who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, life transitions, familial conflict, relationship and interpersonal issues, grief and loss, self-esteem concerns and work-life balance.

Jessie earned her Master’s degree in Social Work from University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) School of Social Work and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology and Spanish at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Throughout her graduate and undergraduate studies, Jessie worked with children on the Autism spectrum, youth and adults who struggled with anxiety and depression, and underserved communities. While volunteering abroad, Jessie used multicultural and bilingual skills (Spanish and English) to serve individuals and families of diverse backgrounds. Jessie is licensed in Maryland as a LMSW. For an appointment with Jessie, call 240-274-5680 or email

Recent Training:

Introduction to EFT/Tapping for Licensed Professionals by Diana Sturm, LPC, UpLifting EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique Education. (April 2023)

The ACT Theory and Practice by Joanna Burg, Clinical Psychologist, The Cognitive Behavioral Institute Center for Education.

Phase 1 Brainspotting Training by Cherie Lindberg (November 2023). Currently working on certification.