Atim Bassey, LCSW-C

Atim Bassey

LCSW-C, Senior Psychotherapist

Atim is a dedicated therapist specializing in family and couples therapy, blending her Nigerian-American roots with extensive experience cultivated in a long career in PHP and IOP programs. Atim uses multiple therapeutic interventions to create a safe healing experience. Using a Family systems and Internal Family Systems (IFS) lens, she explores the roles, rules and relationships that can cause strain in relationships.

Atim’s passion for enhancing relationships led her to specialize in Functional Family Therapy and Attachment-Based Family Therapy. She has over 8 years of experience working with families, couples and individuals to empower clients through challenging times. She is also trained in EMDR and has a passion for working with clients who have experienced trauma.

Beyond her clinical practice, Atim finds inspiration in Broadway musicals and enjoys diving into literature and television. She values meaningful connections with loved ones and explores the world through travel, embracing cultural diversity.

Atim welcomes families and couples seeking to strengthen their relationships and navigate life’s complexities with compassion and expertise. Contact her today to begin your journey toward deeper understanding and healing.