Reaching out for therapy is a brave step toward feeling better. The following services are offered by therapists who are located in Gaithersburg Counseling Center.

Womens Wellness
Individual Therapy
(online or in person)

Are you worrying or feeling overwhelmed with the stress of this year while trying to balancing home and work? Your mental health is more important than ever and you deserve support. Individual therapy can help.
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Child Teen Family Help
Child, Teen and Family
(online therapy or live)

These days, there is extra stress in the house and at school for kids. Therapy for kids and families can help your family manage stress and live together more peacefully.
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Couples Counseling
(online or in person)

Do you want to get along better with your partner? Are you sick of fighting and want to feel less annoyed and more connection to your partner? If so, Couples Counseling can help.
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Women’s Wellness
We get it.

Do you ever feel not good enough? Are you self conscious or worried what others think of you? Counseling can help with improving your confidence and help your relationships.
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During these times of uncertainty, many therapists in the community are doing everything they can to be available to help you. There are professional therapists who are located in Gaithersburg Counseling Center who are now offering in person and online therapy sessions. Schedules can be arranged with your therapist during the day, evening, or weekend according to your schedule and theirs. To get support in managing the day to day, looking ahead to the upcoming weeks and months, and addressing past issues, please feel free to contact a therapist located in the center, at or 240-274-5680. Online therapy is secure, and can help you get through these challenging times.

 Is your mind spinning with worries and you just want a break?

 Are you unhappy, anxious or overwhelmed?

 Do you want to feel better?

If so, counseling can help. Like you, therapy clients are regular, everyday people who are struggling with life’s stressors such as: anxiety and depression, overwhelming stress, low self esteem or poor body image, relationship or intimacy problems, past trauma and difficult current life transitions. If you are stuck feeling anxious, depressed, stressed or unhappy, talking to a non-judgmental, caring therapist can be the first step for you to start to improve how you feel and your relationships with others.

If you are tired of constantly worrying, contact a therapist today.

The providers located in Gaithersburg Counseling Center tailor the therapy to meet each clients specific, individual needs instead of using a cookie cutter approach. These therapists offer a range of specialties (children, couples, teens, sex therapy, etc.) and therapeutic techniques (CBT, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Psychodynamic, Trauma Informed, ACT, IFS, ISTDP, etc). Different therapists also offer sessions in other languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Farsi and Russian. These therapists located in Gaithersburg Counseling center are honored to work with each of their clients while being non judgmental and LGBTQIA+ affirming. The therapists located in the center use practical approaches and by collaborating with you, therapy can often help you improve the following issues:

  • Manage COVID-19 Stress
  • Let Go of Worrying so much
  • Reduce Loneliness
  • Improve Self Esteem
  • Reduce Feelings of Depression
  • Learn to Communicate
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Improve Intimacy
  • Find Yourself if You Are Lost
  • Gain Confidence
  • Improve Relationship
  • Gain Control of Your Emotions
  • Live Healthier, Happier and More Peacefully

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Therapists Located in Gaithersbug Counseling Center

If you are looking for help, the center can recommend to you a specific therapist located in the center or in the community offering individual therapy, virtual online therapy sessions, in person therapy sessions, couples counseling, psychotherapy for children and teens, family counseling and group therapy. Therapists located in Gaithersburg Counseling Center are committed to providing therapy and counseling to individuals who want to change their lives or understand themselves in a new way. The therapists located in the Center are all LGBTQIA+ allies and welcome clients from all ethnicities, religious faiths, nationalities, gender identities, ages, race, size abilities and sexual orientations. The therapists located in Gaithersburg Counseling center help people around the community and beyond in areas such as Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac, Montgomery Village, Kentlands and surrounding areas in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. to find the services they need.

Call (240) 274-5680 or e-mail to get help finding a therapist who could be a good fit for you or to answer any questions about teletherapy sessions or in person sessions.

Therapists in Gaithersburg Counseling Center are not therapists of Another Look at Healing, LLC, rather they are recommended therapists that are located in the center. Clients working with a recommended therapist are not forming a therapist/client relationship with Another Look at Healing, LLC rather they are forming a relationship directly with their therapist. Your relationship will be between you and your therapist.


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We are happy to announce that Another Look at Healing, LLC, Counseling and Therapy Center has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Gaithersburg Awards in the category of Marriage Counselor. The Gaithersburg Award Program aims to support and offer public recognition of the contributions of businesses and organizations in and around Gaithersburg.


All resident counselors at Gaithersburg Counseling Center are passionate about allyship, moving toward health equity, increasing access to care, and creating workplace conditions driven by anti-racist values. We value having a group of clinicians and team members that hold a variety of socio-cultural identities and are actively engaged in efforts towards allyship for BIPOC communities and other minority identities.

It is intrinsically problematic for a white person to financially benefit from white supremacy, even if the work intends to dismantle these oppressive systems. In recognition, we donate annually to BIPOC & LGBTQIA organizations and individuals who work against systemic injustice and oppression.

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