Stress, what is it? Finally an explanation!

Everyone has stress, but what is it really? Stress is the body’s normal, natural reaction to a perceived threat. Thousands of years ago, the perceived threat was a saber tooth tiger who was headed towards your cave to attack you. In that situation, your body releases certain chemicals such as adrenaline, which makes your heart pump blood faster, your muscles tense and your breathing become rapid and shallow. All of your senses become more alert so you can make the quick decision whether to fight or to flee.

Today, your body’s chemical stress reaction is the same as it was years ago, only the threats have change. Now, instead of a life threatening saber tooth tiger, the stressors are the car that cuts you off in traffic, or your boss calling you in for a meeting. As a result the tension has no release and your stress response builds. Each time you get “stressed out,” those chemicals are released and for many people, these chemicals are almost constantly streaming through your body. This constant stress can lead to physical, emotional and behavioral problems.

Examples of Physical Problems:
– Headaches/Backaches
– Fatigue
– Insomnia
– Stomach Pain

Examples of Emotional Problems:
– Fearful
– Irritated Often

Examples of Behavioral Problems:
– Overeating
– Feeling unmotivated to work
– Isolating from friends and loved ones
– Increased irritability and feeling overwhelmed

All of these symptoms can strongly impact your functioning in your daily life. If you are suffering from any of these issues, and want the symptoms to go away so you can get some relief, there is a way to feel better. Contact Another Look at Healing, LLC – A Counseling and Wellness Center today for more information at Call our office at 240-274-5680 or email us at