What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, also called counseling,  is a journey towards improving the health, wellness and personal development of individuals. I believe that personal struggles and challenging life situations offer opportunities to create new paths towards growth and healing. A psychotherapist is a counselor, or therapist, who is a supportive guide who provides caring, nonjudgmental listening and skillful insights and interventions and specific ways to help you meet your therapy goals.

What can therapy do for you?

In therapy, many people make peace with their past by healing old hurts and regrets. The therapeutic relationship in many ways can help you decrease depression and anxiety and increase self esteem. During therapy, you can learn to take control of and manage your own feelings. Most individuals learn new ways of interacting with others and change their life patterns. You can learn to grow to be more self accepting and to be able to tap into inner peace even in times of turmoil. Still others find courage and strength to be more fully themselves and find that they take more personal risks and live more satisfying lives.

Most people find therapy to be helpful, however those who are motivated to create positive change in their own lives may find the process of psychotherapy truly transformational.

And so, the journey begins.

For more information about beginning therapy, read the below article by Amy Hooper, published in Be Well Magazine:



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